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Muddy Paws Paddock

Looking for a secure dog field near me?

Muddy Paws Paddock is our secure dog field.  An ideal destination if you are looking for safe dog walks in Cheshire.

Our enclosed dog park is a perfect secure dog field for training your dog.  Or to simply let your dogs run around off the lead with complete confidence.

Our location for dog walks in Cheshire

Muddy Paws Paddock is based in Marton, which is near Macclesfield for safe dog walks in Cheshire.

Our paddock is half acre in size and nestled in beautiful countryside.

The secure dog field opening times

Our secure fields for dogs is open every day of the year:

  • Opens at 6.00am
  • Closes at 9.00pm

Excluding Christmas Day.

Booking the enclosed dog park

We currently offer two lengths of bookings for the secure dog field:

  • One hour costs only £10.00
  • Half an hour costs £7.00

To book your slot at the enclosed dog park please visit our bookings page.

Facilities at our dog walking field

To make your visit enjoyable and relaxing we have a host of facilities at the dog walking field​.

For you:

  • free car parking
  • access to the field by car for the disabled
  • large timber shed to shelter from the elements
  • hand sanitisers/anti-bac sprays
  • a dog waste bin
  • wooden picnic table style seating


For the dogs:

  • outside tap for fresh water
  • 2 metres high deer fencing
  • chicken wire at the base to keep smaller dogs safely in
  • half an acre dog field to run around in freely


Basic rules at our secure dog field

Naturally, we have certain rules that must be adhered to at all times without exception.

This is for your own safety, the safety of your own dog(s) and the safety of other dog owners and their dogs.

  • you must be aged over 18 years to use our secure dog field​. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult
  • all dogs must be up to date with vaccinations and flea treatments
  • dogs must have a collar or harness and an ID tag
  • we do not permit the use of choke chains, prong collars or similar devices
  • verbal and/or physical abuse towards dogs will not be tolerated
  • dogs must be on a lead at all times before entering and when leaving the secure dog field
  • dogs must not be left unattended for any amount of time
  • excessive barking will not be tolerated
  • do not allow your dogs to dig in the secure dog field
  • you must clean up after your dogs immediately
  • no food, either human or dog, apart from small training treats is to be brought into the secure dog field
  • we allow you to bring toys for your dogs, such as balls and other suitable items approved to be used with dogs
  • we do not allow sticks or other objects that can cause injury
  • Muddy Paws Paddock reserve the right at all times to ask you and your dogs to leave at any time, should we feel these rules have been breached


Further rules and information can be found in our Terms and Conditions page.

Table of Contents