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About Us


Muddy Paws Paddock is a secure dog field of approximately 0.5 acres of grass surrounded by strong deer fencing and chicken wire, so you can let your dogs, however big or small, run freely at their leisure knowing they are safe from escape.

Ideal for dog walks in Cheshire, the idea behind Muddy Paws Paddock is to provide owners with a dog field that allows their dogs to run around in the fresh air, play with toys, and be trained safely without fear of the dog running off.

Secure Dog Field

The principal idea behind opening Muddy Paws Paddock, was to make dog walks in Cheshire much safer for dog owners.

With dog thefts on the rise in the area, especially amongst pedigree dogs, our secure dog field will help you and your dog feel much safer and away from the danger of potential dog snatching.

We also wanted to create an area where dog owners can confidently train their dogs, knowing that they could not simply run away once you let them off the lead.

Many dogs can be nervous around other dogs too, so having a secure dog field for your exclusive use, will help nervous dogs enjoy plenty of freedom without the possibility of bumping into other dogs, which can happen on other walks with dogs in Cheshire.

Our dog field is surrounded by two metre high deer fencing on three sides, and one metre high chicken wire all the way round. The fourth side has one metre high deer fencing and dense, tall hedgerow.

Access is by a secure, lockable steel pedestrian gate, plus for disabled dog owners, there is a convenient steel double vehicle gate so you can drive into the dog field.

Our large wooden summerhouse will protect dog owners from the unpredictable British weather, plus there is a handy picnic bench style table to sit in the sunshine.

Covid-19 best practice applies with hand sanitisers and anti-bac sprays available.

For your dog, we have even installed an outside cold water tap for you to give your dog a drink or even clean their paws, or coat, before putting back into your car.

Happy, Healthy Dogs

Fresh air, beautiful countryside and plenty of room to run around, play games and keep fit. Muddy Paws Paddock will give you a happy and healthy dog, which in turn will give you a happy owner.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your dog run around chasing a ball with complete freedom and without interference or ditraction from other dogs.

With many of our own family and friends being dog owners, one thing that was very apparent to us was the lack of somewhere that they could take their dogs safely off the leash without fear of running away.

And if you want to train your dog with recall or other commands, you can do so safely knowing that the dog cannot get out. We even allow you to give your dog small treats for encouragement when training.

With Muddy Paws Paddock, our secure dog field gives you everything you need to give your dog a great time.

Why Choose our Secure Dog Field?

With Muddy Paws Paddock, we care about you and your dog and when you choose us, you get all of this as standard.

  • A secure dog field of approximately 0.5 acres in the beautiful Cheshire countryside
  • Surrounded by strong, 2 metre tall deer fencing and a thick dense hedgerow to help minimise escape for your dogs, however big.
  • 1 metre tall chicken wire around the base of the fences to stop smaller dogs escaping
  • Convenient 30 minute or 60 minute sessions, bookable online
  • Open from 6:00am to 9.00pm every day except Christmas Day
  • Fresh water available for your dogs to drink or to clean them down
  • A wooden summerhouse for shelter from the elements
  • A convenient picnic table to sit on whilst your dogs run around in the fresh air
  • Free parking and wide access gates for disabled people to drive into the field
  • Covid-19 sanitising products
  • Dog waste bin and emergency dog waste bags for added convenience

We look forward to welcoming you to our secure dog field and if we can be of any assistance to you, please feel free to contact us.

Table of Contents